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Back after a long hiatus!

Well…it wasn’t long ago that I returned from an all expense paid vacation to Iraq and Afghanistan.  I took time to reunite with friends and family and enjoy life.  Since my return I have moved to some of the best motorcycling country in the US.  Southern AZ.  I do have a deep seeded love for Mt. Lemmon Road.  It was where I really first started riding.  Since arriving to Tucson I purchased a new project.  My new to me 1977 Honda GL1000…or as it is more commonly known…a Goldwing.

I had the fork seals replaced and all the fluids replaced.  The bike seems to run pretty good with the exception of an off-idle stumble that I need to sort out.  It is 35 years old after all and it has 4 carbs.  I am running some Sea Foam through the fuel system in the hopes that it is just a little dirty and a cleaning will do.  It brakes fine although I will probably update the pads soon.  And the transmission shifts fine.  It is a 5 speed tranny.  The only aftermarket parts on the bike so far as I can tell is the floorboards and the heel/toe shifter.  I am not sure if I like it or not and am currently on the fence as to whether or not I will return it to stock.

I rode Mt. Lemmon on the bike on Sunday morning around 0600.  To the top and back down.  The bike performed well.  I am not quite happy with the throttle response from steady throttle transitioning to a more open throttle as it feels like it sometimes surges.  This could be a matter of adjusting the throttle cables.  Or it could be a carb sync issue.

The best thing is that the bike only has 52K miles on it which is barely broken in for a Goldwing!  Stay tuned for pictures.

I am glad to be back!


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  1. Buckwheat

    Welcome back, Jethro! Glad to hear your move went well and you are back someplace where you can enjoy riding for a while. Keep in touch and let me know if head to the Sunshine State!

    June 22, 2012 at 13:45

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