Fostering a mentality of responsible motorcycling within the military community.

Riding at night…watch out for deer!!!

Okay…so you already know about deer and other wild critters that can be active at night.  Hopefully you also know that your shouldn’t out ride your headlight (if you don’t know what that means please ask).  But here is a scenario I saw one night coming back from San Jose to Monterey.

I was heading south on Hwy 1 in the middle of three lanes. A good ways ahead of me and in the slow lane was a car.  Following the car in the slow lane was a cruiser style motorcycle.  He was maintaining a good following distance and a sane speed.  He appeared to be doing everything right.  I glanced in my rearview mirror to see another car fast approaching behind the motorcycle in the same lane.  The car literally had to lock up his brakes to avoid hitting the guy on the motorcycle (and for the record, I don’t think the guy on the motorcycle ever realized it).  Why did this happen?  Well, the motorcyclist was static in the right third of the lane he was in.  To the driver of the car, the motorcycle appeared to be the tail light of the car that was much further ahead.  An optical illusion if you will.  Luckily the car driver realized it in the nick of time but it was very, very close to ending badly.

I offer this up because it was something I never thought about in the past.  I am not saying you should weave like a madman at night so cars can see you…that would draw the ire of law enforcement.  But a gradual but deliberate adjustment of lane position isn’t a bad idea.  And remember…check your mirrors!

Ride safe…


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