Fostering a mentality of responsible motorcycling within the military community.

Where my motorcycling life began…Continued

So I moved to Monterey, CA in 2007.  At that time I still had the Triumph Daytona 675.  I decided I didn’t want to have a bike payment at that time so I returned the Daytona to stock trim and sold off all the goodies seperate and the bike as well.  I got more of my money back that way.

As luck would have it, my friend Maurice Flores was the service manager at Moto Italiano in Santa Cruz and he had heard that I was looking for a Honda Hawk GT.  He had just had a customer in a few days prior looking to sell his.  Fate!

The bike had about 20k miles on it and came with a nice Alpinestars jacket, a bike cover and a ton of spares. 

Around this time as well I made a couple of friends out here in California and both of them were Rider Coaches with the MSF.  One was actually the site manager for 2 sites.  I inquired about becoming a RC.  Long story short, the whole affair went on for about a year and I had basically written off the opportunity due to never hearing back from the company.  It was about 30 days after that when I got a call asking me if I wanted to become a RC!  This was 2008.

I went through the RC Prep course in November 2008 and have been teaching BRC and BRC2 (ERC) ever since.  I have to extend a personal thanks to Ian Martinez for getting me started!

I loved my Hawk GT but it wasn’t the greatest bike for highway commuting.  Great in the twisties, but the small tank and lack of wind protection got old quick.  That led me to sell the Hawk GT and buy the 2008 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS.  Stellar wind protection and gobs of power made my commute quick and easy!

When the housing market really took a nose dive and the economy went down with it, enrollment was low at the site I was teaching at.  There were more RCs than shifts at one point and work wasn’t consistent like before.  A large corporation won the contracts to teach motorcycle safety for the Army and Navy and I was hired on by them in late 2009.  In late 2010 they sent me to Washington state and I went through the Military Sportbike Riders Course (ARC-ST) certification course.

Between my work with these two companies I have taught over 1000 students in the past 2 years.  Between my work with the US Air Force and my work with these two companies, it is rare that I have a weekend off.  I have went 2-3 months straight without missing a day at times over the past 2+ years.  But I enjoy what I do so it hardly seems like work!

Because I work all the time…I rarely rode the Connie for pleasure.  It was only used to commute to work or to commute to work 99% of the time.  I couldn’t stand to see her sit in the carport and I couldn’t justify the payment when I wasn’t realing using it for its intended purpose.  I posted an add looking for a payoff of the banknote and a KLR 650 for my Connie.  I got the deal I was looking for!

This was just a couple of months back.  I went from 150hp to 45hp.  A 4 cylinder to a single cylinder.  The bikes are really polar opposites.  In the next week or so I am going to write my impressions of the KLR.  The KLR has been around relatively unchanged for a couple of decades so there are a ton of review out there…but this will be mine!

Check back for the write-up.


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