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Seriously!?! Well…at least the mounting and balancing was free…

Okay…I bought some brand new Avon Gripsters for my KLR650 from a local dealership.  They gave me my 10% military discount and free mounting and balancing with the purchase which is pretty sweet.  My Cycle Gear discount is 30% but that means I have to drive to Gilroy and that I have to pull the tires off the bike myself so all in all, it about equals out in time/labor saved.

The first thing I noticed was that the rear tire rubbed a little.  I went online and found out that this is a common occurrence with this tire on this bike and easily remedied.  I took care of it myself but did make a point to mention it and show it to the service manager today so he would know in the future.

I worked in Gilroy last weekend.  I taught two Basic Riders’ Courses.  On the way home Sunday I got a wicked weave going on with the bike.  Scared the crap out of me.  It was windy and my speed was up a bit but I still didn’t expect that out of this bike.  Something didn’t seem quite right.

I rode out to meet Smitty, a fella that offered my some assistance with my bike.  I mentioned some of the things happening and he said his KLR seems stable as can be and that my situation seemed odd.  Something wasn’t right.

Today I was cleaning the bike and checking it over in anticipation of the ride tomorrow.  I remembered that I asked the service manager when I picked up the bike about how much air pressure they put in the tires.   He said it was on the invoice and we looked to see 32psi front and 36psi rear.  I took them at their word.  But after all the odd handling going on, I decided to double-check my tire pressure.  The front checked out at 32psi.  I made my way around to the back tire…53.5psi!!!  Are you freaking kidding me?  The tire is rated max pressure 36psi cold.  17.5psi beyond the max.  That is downright dangerous.  I don’t want to think about what might have happened if the tire blew out.  I had ridden Laureles Grade and Cachagua Rd just days before.

I will be bringing this up to the service manager tomorrow…I am not sure I will be able to maintain my tact.  I feel like I need to yell.

What would you do?


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