Fostering a mentality of responsible motorcycling within the military community.


 We met this morning at 0830 at Monterey Peninsula Powersports.  KSU was just a bit after 0900.  We had 14 riders today.  V-twin cruisers both metric and H-D.  Sport bikes were well represented with a ZX-6R, R1, 1198S and others.  The dual-sport bikes were represented by the KLR650 and a Multistrada.  My man Alan pulled out the Concours 14 and a Goldwing was representing as well.  The dealer was nice enough to provide doughnuts and coffee!

The ride down to Lake Nacimiento and the Waystation Saloon was uneventful…at first.  There was a mix of experienced and new riders in the group.  We strive to improve every time we go out and I think quite a bit of advice was given to our newest rider.  She was a little apprehensive.  There is no substitute for getting out and riding and she made it to the saloon in one piece!  Good job!

As we were nearing the restaurant we had an incident.  The rider neared the shoulder and drifted off.  There was about a 6 inch drop.  The end result was the bike parked on its ear and a little hurt pride.  The photos below will show the path of travel and the bike after it was righted.  The most important thing was that the rider is doing fine and actually finished the ride!  My guess is some Motrin and a good nights rest will heal all.  The bike had the passenger armrest broke off and some scratches.  She fired right back up!

Not pictured is another rider that had an incident.  The saloon is on a hill and has a dirt drive and parking area.  The rider attempted to downshift to first gear to come up the hill and inadvertently found neutral.  He went to roll on throttle to climb the hill and the bike just tipped over.  With the exception of a broken clutch lever, the bike didn’t appear to have a scratch.

We had some lunch.  Pictured is the restaurant, us at the table and the proprietors.  The grub was awesome and I recommend you stop in if you are ever out that way.

The rest of the photos are random shots of bikes at out stop points.

Total trip was around 220 miles.

Special thanks to Bob Dooley.  He planned the ride this month.  Great job.

Thanks to Eric Popham, Jon Rice and Alan Bastura.  They worked with the group as sweepers and road captains.

Thanks to all the attendees!  Check back here, the MilitaryMotorcycleSafety FB page and the DLI MMP FB page for more details on M/C safety and upcoming rides.


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